Custom Health 💖 and other features

These features would noticeably improve Fantasy Strike IMO.

  • Custom healh (handicaps or longer rounds for local/friendly games) :heart::hearts::heart::hearts:
  • 3rd option to queue matches regardless of skill, for the fastest possible matchmaking (what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger!) :crossed_swords:
  • Toggle to have the white invulnerability glow when knocked down or in blockstun. :shield:
  • Toggle to show hitboxes in training :martial_arts_uniform:
  • In-game chat :speaking_head:
  • Seperate voices from sound FX in audio options :loud_sound:
  • Custom input buffer :video_game:

Custom health should be trivial to implement and have the largest impact on gameplay. It should be selected under costumes before local for friend matches.

  • You’ve already got number 2! You can queue regardless of skill, the option is there on-screen! :smiley:

The rest sound “nice to have”, but of course, they don’t have the budget for “nice to haves” unless the game can sell a lot more or they get a lot more patreon supporters.

  • White glow in blockstun isn’t technically accurate, as you are not invulnerable at all in that state. You can’t be thrown, but you can be “hit more” which is very relevant to chip damage. So it would be misleading. I can understand what you’re getting at though.

  • In-game chat I think would be almost impossible, whilst also allowing cross-play features. Besides, we have steam chat, discord, consoles I assume still have features like this too? It’s really overtaken the default way of playing these days.

  • Custom input buffer runs the risk of someone finding an exploit with it I think, so I doubt that would ever be implemented for that reason.

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  1. Even if you choose “Any Opponent,” “Opponents near your skill level are prioritized.”
  2. Implementing custom health should take less than 10 minutes in Unity.
  3. Aside from chip damage you can’t be grabbed or hit during blockstun. Some kind of glow would make it more clear when blockstun ends. This would make things like tick throws easier. You’re also invincible on getup, which warrants the white glow IMO.
  4. I love Smash Ultimate’s hold buffer. Hold buffer FTW! Personally I don’t care much for this feature (hence it’s at the bottom of the list) but it may improve the game’s accessibility.