Daily Challenge aborted by online match

Daily Challenge aborted by online match

As the Daily Challenge was about to start (still on the loading screen), a challenger from a casual match interrupted the loading and we played an online match. Afterwards, I returned to the title screen and the daily challenge was checked for today, even though I didn’t even fight my first opponent.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Activate online matchmaking.
  2. Start Daily challenge.
  3. Get interrupted by an online battle the precise moment during loading of the daily challenge.

Expected Results:
Selecting the Daily Challenge should deactivate all online matchmaking before even attempting to load the stage and characters and drop any currently ongoing matchmaking tasks (Maybe with a short message like “Leaving the matchmaking queue(s)…” and a short timer).

Actual Results:
Daily challenge is logged as attempted for the day even though it didn’t even finish loading.

Game Version:
Steam-Version (latest version as of July 26th)

System Information:
Desktop PC, Windows 10

Will be fixed on the next update, it should not be possible to get a match after starting a Daily Challenge. Thanks for the report!