Dealing with mini Lum

I’ve been testing out each of the characters to work out how they can get mini-Lum off the screen without taking damage. Perhaps appropriately, Lum has the most options for dealing with mini-Lum!

One oddity I did notice in testing is that Argagarg’s bubble shield ‘pop’ has no effect on mini-Lum at all, but his normal air C bubble ‘pop’ does kill mini-Lum if Arg is travelling low enough. Do you think this is a bug, or working as intended? It seems an inconsistent approach.

Hmm, I don’t know what the hitbox is for Argagarg’s bubble shield ‘pop’, but there are quite a few ways to get rid of mini-Lum. As an example, DeGrey can get rid of mini-Lum with fA, bA, A, AA, jA (neutral or diagonal), ghost, BA (haven’t tried BB or BC since I generally don’t use it that often). It’s a matter of timing to get just the hitbox to overlap. So, every single move of DeGrey’s can get rid of it pretty much (exception being his supers).