[Debug] FPS counter messed up

FPS counter messed-up

On a slower system, FPS counter from menus is overplayed over fight FPS counter, obscuring it

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Turn on FPS counter on menus, getting 11-20 FPS;
  2. Enter actual fight with minimum settings, getting 70-90 FPS.

Expected Results:
The game shows a clear FPS number, such as 74 or 91.

Actual Results:
The game shows a garbled mess of two overlaid numbers, with the (e.g.) 12 far more visible.

Wiping the FPS display before a fight would sidestep this, but that’s more of a temporary patch than a solution.


Game Version:

System Information:
Dell Latitude E7440 i7-4600 @ 2.1 GHz, 2 cores, 4 logical, Intel HD 1 GB (Laptop)
Windows 10 10.0.15063