DeGrey ghost frozen in place. Persists through rounds

Title: DeGrey ghost frozen in place. Persists through rounds.

Summary: Used ghost as DeGrey. It was blocked. Instead of fading and returning to DeGrey, it halted in place and stopped animating. Using ghost again animates it briefly and makes the hitbox come out, but it remains in the same spot regardless of player movements. After the round ended, the bug persisted.

Steps to reproduce:

Expected Results:
Ghost returns to DeGrey after being used.

Actual Results:
Ghost hovers in the same spot without being animated.


output_log - 7-08-2018 - Frozen Ghost

Game Version: 0.14172

System Information: Win10 Home

Was this online, or offline?

When did the ghost start acting normally again? (Maybe after the end of that game?)

Online, against Ness.
It never started acting normally again, as I tried to leave game to make a new game when it happened in the next round, but Ness left so I just made the report and stopped playing.