DeGrey Ghost - grabs you out of super

Hello all! I’m very new to FS and FGs in general, but this game is really a ton of fun. Looking forward to watching it develop.

Something interesting just happened in a match where DeGrey’s ghost was able to grab me out of my start up frames of super as Setsuki. I understand the best way to avoid this is to either jump or move back out of range, however this situation found me following up the B crossup.

I wasn’t really sure where to post this, I just thought it was interesting and wasn’t sure if it was intentional.

Take care!


Not to be talking to myself or anything, but it does seem intentional, as I’m seeing Setsuki’s super is not invulnerable on startup, so logically the grab should work.

Soooo…something to look out for as Setsuki, if you are combo-ing B into Super, but DeGrey calls his ghost, it will interrupt the combo.

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Setsuki’s super is completely vulnerable to any move during the startup. It’s not a reversal attack.

Understood, it was a followup to her B attack which was the combo. B->S, but the ghost grabbed before the super could start.

Makes total sense now that I understand the vulnerability of the super, and is something to be aware of in the matchup.


For that matter Degrey’s ghost can grab Rook out of his super even with the armor. Just an observation.