DeGrey immune to strikes and throws after ghost grabs an opponent immediately entering juggle state

DeGrey immune to strikes after ghost grabs an opponent immediately entering juggle state

When sending out ghost, if you hit a character that should send them in a juggle state (such as after Final Arbiter, or fA on an aerial opponent) then the ghost immediately grabs them at the frame that the juggle state starts and you are positioned such that your pushbox is overlapping/bumping up against theirs, it seems that the defending character will whiff attacks against you that should normally land. I have had this happen against Val in an online match. I used a counter hit Final Arbiter that the ghost immediately grabbed her out of, landed right next to her (she was just starting jC fairly low to the ground), and then she did her ground super. I already buffered an nA. The nA whiffed, and I started to block, but the super never registered a single hit. After the super ended, I was able to nA her. A second situation happened in survival. I did an fA against Jaina while she was airborne, she was immediately grabbed by ghost and I was right next to her. When I started AA, she responded with C. We did this 3 times in a row. I did not get hit by any of her Cs but was pushed along instead. I also whiffed my AA because she was invulnerable during the move. I was able to AA her after the 3rd try because she did not C again.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Choose DeGrey.
  2. Send out the ghost.
  3. Hit an opponent such that they are in a juggle state.
  4. Have ghost immediately grab the opponent as soon as they enter the juggle state.
  5. Be right next to the opponent as soon as the ghost grabbed them.
  6. Have the opponent attempt to hit DeGrey without using any projectiles. (I have experienced this with Val’s gS and Jaina’s C).

Expected Results:
The opponent hits DeGrey with striking attacks and throws.

Actual Results:
The opponent whiffs DeGrey. But, the opponent can hit DeGrey with projectiles. The effect ends after DeGrey hits the opponent (using ghost will not end the effect).

Edit: I have now recreated it 100% in training mode. DeGrey can move freely, but he will not be hit by any striking attacks or throws. He does not have to be right next to the character when the ghost grabs the defending character. He can be a bit further away. It’s pretty funny.


Game Version:

System Information:

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Thanks for the excellent bug report, I’ll fix this for the next update.

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