DeGrey Pilebunker Counterhit

DeGrey Pilebunker Counterhit bug
When counterhitting with pilebunker at point blank, the wallbounce sometimes doesn’t happen.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. be very very close to your opponent
  2. do pilebunker a little bit late
  3. watch in despair as you are denied the extra two damage you are owed

Expected Results:
The opponent wallbounces
Actual Results:
You don’t get two free damage for making a good decision and earning a counterhit pilebunker
I swear this was reported before, but I can’t find the thread. I’m re-reporting it so it gets fixed, because I’m sick of missing out on my four damage combo.

Game Version:
System Information:

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Yeah, I reported here: Inconsistent Wall Bounces with Tyrant Crusher

I noticed this again last night, too. I wondered whether the counterhit sound was triggering when it wasn’t actually a counterhit, so I was expecting a wall bounce but didn’t get it. Either way, it’s still an issue. I’m playing on PC.