Inconsistent Wall Bounces with Tyrant Crusher

Inconsistent Wall Bounces with Tyrant Crusher

Unsure if this is intended or not, but it does not feel good as a DeGrey player. A counter-hit Tyrant Crusher will sometimes result in no wall bounces even when both players are at the same distance. It seems that camera manipulation can cause it. It seems to not bounce especially when the camera is zooming in or out. However, you can still set up situations when the camera is perfectly stationary and it will cause a wall bounce or not cause a wall bounce. For instance, you can have both players be point-blank and it may or may not cause a wall bounce (or somewhere in the middle third of the screen). I have uploaded a video to demonstrate situations in which it will and will not cause wall bounces at the same distances. I am not able to 100% reproduce a wall bounce or not, but I can somewhat reliably manipulate it so that it will or will not wall bounce at every range.

Steps to reproduce:

Expected Results:
The move reliably wall bounces at the same range.

Actual Results:
The move does not wall bounce even when executed at the same range sometimes.



Game Version:

System Information:

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Here is another video that is a bit more straightforward as to the inconsistency of the wall bounces. I made sure the camera isn’t moving. Each hit was done point blank and as soon as possible.

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Please fix this, it’s still making me miss out on damage.

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Thanks for the report, that will be fixed in the next update.