DeGrey's corner OTG combos

I’m not sure if it’s just a question of different timing, but DeGrey’s BxxB OTG combos after counter seem to drop in the corner for me, what do you guys use instead?

Personally after a counter bA in the corner, I just do BxxB A, for 4 damage. I’m not sure what to do after a counter BxxB though.

Counterhit B>B causes a wall bounce. If you’re in the corner, they hit the wall sooner, and bounce in such a way that you don’t get to follow up. Midscreen, you can do another B>B, close to the corner, follow up with fA or nA. If you hit all the way in the corner, no follow up, but DeGrey can lay down some serious pressure in the corner, so you should still be in a good position.

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