DeGrey's jBB

What do you guys use it for?

I mean if the first jB is blocked, the second one creates a blockstring, so there’s no mixup and usually results in a throw punish.

The only way I use it personally is to kill with chip damage, what about you?

Can also be useful against Rook, if he tries to anti air a predicted jA with gC or gS.
If you predict a jump attack from anyone and they’re somewhat close to a corner, you can get a CH combo for 3.
Single hit jB seems to be safe on block even against throw punish in some instances, which can lead to a yomi mixup.
(If they try to throw punish, you can yomi counter. If you predict them trying to attack instead of throw to counter yomi, you throw them instead. If they try to next level yomi, punch them in the face.)

That said, ghost to jBB is a great way to chip someone out, and probably the most consistently useful application of the move IMO.

So chip and armor break. Alright.

Don’t discount the other uses.
Edge case uses for a tool can serve as your pivot for turning a match around or just pressing an advantage.
Better to have it and not need it and all that jazz.

Oh, another general purpose use is just moving forward after something like gS or yomi counter.
I tend to do just a single jB for that though. You might be able to get away with a really quick JBB?
Not sure how safe it would be.

That would be unsafe and honestly not too bright. jB already gets the job done in that case, no need to complicate things.

For me, when fighting degrey, I find the difficulty of the match decreases/increases based on how much he uses jump B. If degrey does a lot of jump B, all the time, the match is very easy. If degrey does very few, or 0 jump B, the match is much more difficult