Desync issue with Lum


Desync issue with Lum


When playing online as Lum, there are frequent desyncs. In 6 matches I had 4.

Steps to reproduce:

I’m not 100% sure this is right, but these are the patterns I’ve noticed

  1. Throw a bomb
  2. Opponent blocks the bomb
  3. Hit them with another move while they’re blocking the bomb?

For example, in one situation, I forced an opponent to block the bomb, then I rolled the dice into them as they were blocking the explosion, and the game immediately desynced.

I’m almost positive the desync is linked to the bomb, because in pretty much every case, it happened right as a bomb was exploding. These occurred in matches that were otherwise perfectly smooth and I’ve never experienced a desync as any other character.

Expected Results:

Shouldn’t desync.

Actual Results:

It desyncs somewhat often. Not every time, but often enough to be very noticeable.

Game Version:


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I had a couple more desyncs, this time without the bomb, it seems like Lightning Cloud might have been involved. The first one, I just threw 2 lightning clouds at the start of a round, then it desynced. The second time, I threw an item and an opponent Geiger counted with ground super, and it desynced.

Lum does like chaos…


I too have had a lot of desyncs with Lum,

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Confirmed that we’re aware Lum’s bomb can desync online play. In my experience, it’s almost always from blocking it, though I think I’ve seen it happen once or twice when the bomb hit, but no one blocked it. Not quite sure on that.

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I’ve also had the issue of Lum’s air super desyncing on block fyi.

Got a bunch more desyncs tonight. I don’t think any actually involved the bomb this time, so if you changed something about the bomb, it probably worked.

I have just pushed a quick-fix update that’s a fix candidate for desyncs related specifically to Lum’s bomb, v11579. Let me know whether the bomb now explodes your opponents or your connection.