Disabling matchmaking against bad connexion opponents

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I’ve experienced several time frustration with quick matchs, when the server makes me encounter an opponent with very bad connexion. I know that’s the case for Street Fighter, would it be possible to enable an option which would filter my encounters with only people above a certain connexion rate ?
Lags are really unfun :’(

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While I agree with this in theory, my concern is that this will make online play next to impossible for people in places where the internet isn’t great (people like me, for instance!). I’m in Western Australia and, while the internet speeds are so-so, the geographical separation means that I rarely get a connection above one bar - I think the strongest I’ve ever got is three bars. In Quick Match I’ve only rarely encountered a match with significant lag, and most of the the time a one-bar connection seems to perform pretty well.

I think filtering online matches makes sense for a game with a comparatively massive player base like Street Fighter, but for a small and growing community like Fantasy Strike I think it would only serve to divide the player base at this stage.

The matchmaking does prioritize connection quality as the first factor, when matching opponents, applying rapidly increasing matching penalties as the pings grow. If you’re getting repeatedly matched with bad connections, that unfortunately means that there just weren’t other opponents with better connections around.


I didn’t know that !
Ok, let’s keep things as they are !


Even if the matchmaking does prioritize connection quality, it would still be nice to be able to set a hard lower bound on the connection quality of opponents you want to face. This seems particularly relevant for ranked matchmaking. In casual matches you can just quit if the connection is sufficiently is bad, but if you do this in ranked your ranking will suffer.

As an illustration of this problem, I just played someone with a very bad connection in casuals, quit the match, and was immediately forced into a ranked finals match against the same person. I quit this match as soon as it started, only to be immediately put in another first round match against the same person before I could cancel my online search (for some reason it would not allow me to leave the queue on the end of tournament screen). Needless to say, I quit that match too. Consequently, I took two losses in a matter of seconds without ever hitting a button. I don’t care that much about my ranking right now, but this seems really unnecessary.

In ranked matches, 1-bar connections are disallowed always.

As a side note, imo even 2-bar connections are generally quite good in Fantasy Strike and would maybe be called 3 or 4 bars in other games or something. For example, a 1-bar connection between California and Tokyo is mysteriously playable and pretty smooth, even though it shows up as 1-bar.

If there is a particular opponent you don’t want to play against because of connection issues, add them to your “avoided list” and you won’t face them.

If in casuals you play against a person, then are matched against them again afterwards, that in itself means there were no other opponents available. There’s already a big force in the algorithm that prevents matching twice in a row vs someone unless they are the only opponent around. In ranked, it’s actually impossible because you can’t face the same person twice in a given single elimination tournament.

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Also there is already an option to block players in casual matchmaking if you think that the connection between you and them is completely unplayable and even sitting in an empty queue would be better than to play against them.