Disconnect after/before matches still happening

I recently started playing fantasy strike and even was considering purchasing the core pack but as of a week ago I cant even get into ranked matches anymore as I disconnect from every player before the match even starts. If I do get into a casual match(which is super rare) then I disconnect IMMEDIATELY afterwards 100% of the time now. I’ve made an account on this site to get a better idea of when this problem would be fixed but I have had no luck finding that out. I really hope this bug is fixed appropriately so everyone can truly enjoy this fantastically deep yet easy to learn gaming experience that is Fantasy Strike.

I am having the same issue. The game was a lot of fun and I was just getting into it. Now it’s basically unplayable against anyone else.

Sorry you’re having this issue but glad I’m not the only one. Hopefully someone can look into it.

What platforms are you both on, btw?

Usually when players have rampant connectivity issues we suggest that they forward ports on their router and see if that helps. If you have further questions, make sure to check out the #tech-support channel on our Discord (especially the pinned messages) to see if there’s something that can help you.

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I’m also having the same issue I can never finish a match online when playing on switch

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I am using the game on PC via a download from Steam.

I have forwarded the ports through my router and Windows Firewall.

The game will search for an indiscriminate amount of time (between 3 and 30 seconds) and then shut off for exactly 15 seconds. I watched it do this for over 5 minutes. The amount of time that is switched off was always exactly 15 seconds.

The game played absolutely fine for the first week through last weekend. I played consecutive matches several times on Saturday. Now it just drops all the time.

On Switch-only: there is a known crash that can happen at the end of games. A patch with a fix is waiting on Nintendo approval, right now. In the meantime, you can do the work around of deleting your saved data (not the entire game) to prevent this crash for a while (so you can delete it every so often to never crash this way).

On all platforms: there is a “GGPO assertion” error that can cause disconnects at the start of the match if either player is Quince. The fix to this (on all platforms) is waiting on the same Nintendo patch mentioned above.

On PS4 only: there is a disconnect (and sometimes crash) that can happen at the end of any game. This is ALSO fixed in the upcoming patch, but the issue described above is at the start of matches, so that seems unrelated.

There are also some matchamking fixes that will be in that patch which will improve the quality of matches you get (closer skill-match AND better ping to opponents, amazingly) but that seems unrelated to the issues mentioned here.

Port forwarding is also a thing, it’s the remedy to not being able to get any matches (or hardly any) but isn’t quite the same as “always get disconnected”. So I’m not sure what is going on for the original poster. My guess is the next patch might fix whatever it is. In the patch after that one we have even more improvements that fix even more cases of disconnects, so maybe THAT will do it. I’m not really sure. We’re rolling out all these fixes as fast as we can so I hope it’s resolved for you soon.

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To Tarkin’s point, if matchmaking is searching, then stops searching for a bit, then resumes, it means it found an opponent but could not actually set up the match between you. That is highly correlated with needing to forward ports. I can’t explain why you’d need to do that now but not before unless something changed about your internet setup, your ISP, your router, which device you’re playing on, or something like that though.

I’m really aware of any OTHER explanation for that behavior, but we’ll look into it to see if we can find any other way that happens.

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