Disconnected from the server on the Switch?

I play on the switch and ever since last night the game keeps telling me i am disconnected from the server. Is anyone else experiencing this? Everything was working fine up until about 930 last night. I have never rage quitted (don’t know if that helps) nor have I ever shut the game off in the middle of an online match. Any input will be appreciated.

I actually just bought the game on Switch and couldn’t sign in. I read on reddit they are aware of the problem and are working on it.

Online functionality was fixed on the Switch as of a few hours ago. Sorry for this temporary problem.


Thanks for letting me know I’m not the only one.


Hey thanks for taking the time out to address this so quickly. I want to take out this opportunity to let you know how much my son and I enjoy your Fantasy Strike. He’s 9 and the simple to pick up and hard to master controls is helping him get into fighting games.

We also play the Yomi card game. He’s been using Grave and recently started using Setsuki. We’re looking to get a few of the expansion characters from your site soon. I’m thinking ge might like Rook and I’ll pick up DeGray. Maybe you can throw out a couple of suggestions?

Also just out of curiosity, I see the playmats on your site is sold out. Any chance of ever getting them back in stock again? Thanks again.

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Thanks so much and glad to hear. In the short term, there won’t be any new tabletop stuff like playmats in the sirlingames.com store. There will be new stuff for patrons at patreon.com within a few months though.

I’m not really sure who to suggest for you and your son in Yomi. You could give more detail on what playstyle you’re looking for and other players could respond. Probably best to post about it on our tabletop game forums, here: http://forums.sirlingames.com/categories

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Fellow SWITCH player here, im still having issues.
After a day or so of being “disconnected from the server”, now my home screen
no longer has the “ONLINE” option - and has been replaced with “DEMO”?
on the bottom right , it is says EVENT MODE. I never noticed id that was there before or not. Either way, im super confused (and heartbroken) that i cant play online
please help

just discovered i can turn off EVENT MODE… FML why is this even a thing?

The “Event Mode” is for players that bring the game to local events (such as myself). It makes it easy to show off the game to other players, especially with a cleaner interface.

dam i get it. but i swear i did not enable it lol muchless know how to disable it
i would make it so that you had to engage it every time you restarted the game- have default back to “off”
just my opinion

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Hmm, I think that’s actually a pretty good suggestion. Although, I think if the game was restarted while at the event it would be a little awkward. Though, I think it would probably lean better to having it defaulted to off at all times just in case weird stuff like this happens. People bringing it to events and turning on event mode would be more knowledgeable about it than random people just playing Fantasy Strike.

This is the first we’re hearing of event mode turning on when a person didn’t turn it on. Is it possible it was human error and you did turn it on? If not, I’m not sure how to explain that it only happened in this one case.

Event mode is really awesome at local events. We’ve used it for years to show the game.