Discord with Voice Channel (now with link!)

If anyone is interested, @Legion made this discord to talk while playing FS as the official one doesn’t have voice channels.

Feel free to join.

EDIT: Added link because when I first made the thread I was sleepy and forgot.

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you gotta post a link

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More importantly, why DOESN’T fantasy strike discord have voice chat?
Every other game channel I know has one or multiple

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I think it’s been mentioned a few times that they like to keep the chats moderated (which makes sense, because unmoderated anything related to video games tends rapidly towards shiftiness) but I think also because if friends want to chat, they can use any of a hundred other options (including just friending one another on Discord), and also also because I believe they’ve mentioned that if anything cool or interesting comes up, it’s useful to have a record that can be easily consulted.

Is there a link to the voice channel? i still don’t see it :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry guys, I posted it on reddit but forgot to do so here and then went to sleep.

I’ll brush my teeths and add it real quick.

I dunno, it just seems dumb to me that every other game promotes it’s community to play with each other and talk to each other in discord
Dumb to me that they don’t want to have voice channels for arbitrary reasons

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@pengwndude the reason is p simple. An official voice chat would require official real time moderation. Voice chat implies the risk of trolls, offenders, sexual harassers etcetera.
Hence the need to have moderators 24/7 available that can ban, kick and deter such behaviour.
Ofc that means more money need to be invested in the game security.

no not in game, in discord

The same thing applies in Discord. If it’s the official Fantasy Strike discord channel, and the voice chat gets out of control, then it reflects badly on them.