Does anyone else experience slowdowns with Valerie

can’t play it, can’t lay against it. the games stutters al lote when she is on screen (even on selectin screen), except, every 20 or so seconds i experience 3-5 seconds of perfectly fluid gameplay. btw the problem got somewhat reduced in the latest patch.

Only on the select screen.

  • Try lowering the texture quality

  • Turn v-sync off

  • Lower resolution

Worked for my pc perfectly

I can’t play with or against Valerie on my laptop, I have to quit if I’m matched against her in multiplayer. Desktop is much more powerful and I don’t even notice the slowdown.

I’ll try those workaround tips, thanks Haven!

EDIT: Sirlin responded to a negative review on steam that mentioned this issue, they’re working on it :smiley:


No problem mate hope it works

i usually play at the lowest resolutions with v-sync off and minimal detail

I do experience exactly the same problem when playing with my crappy laptop.
And not only with Valerie, but also with DeGrey, while the game runs quite smoothly with the rest of the cast.

Latest patch made things slightly better, but any match playing with or against Val or DeGrey is still basically unplayable.

i started to notice i have some slight slowdowns with degrey, too, you are right!

I’ve noticed this slowdown.
I usually have 144FPS, but once Valerie enters the screen even once, the FPS goes down to 22 and stays that way until the game is restarted.
If I disable V-Sync in the NVIDIA control panel, the slowdown only happens on the character select screen, but does not appear in game.

If Valerie is selected while the game is full screen, it will drop, even if V-Sync is off. It doesn’t drop if it is windowed and V-Sync is off. It still drops if V-Sync is On and the game is windowed.

More data:
GPU: 1080ti
Monitor: G-Sync 144hz monitor.
G-Sync is set enabled always, full screen and desktop.

For anyone with exceptionally bad performance for Valerie, do her C rainbow move, frame step it using shift-1 then 1,1,1,1 and check if you have or do not have the subtle distortion effects of little drops shown here:

Then keep frame stepping with 1,1,1,1 and just after the rainbow goes away, there are subtle, clear “raindrop” looking distortion effects left behind briefly. Report if you do or do not see these effects.

The potential issue isn’t about those effects slowing things down, it’s that if you do not see them, it’s a clue to an underlying issue.

I only see a single drop, and it doesn’t look exactly like in your picture.


Also, there are strange horizontal lines over her upper body seen here

There’s a “canvas” like pattern on other characters’ skin as well.

i think i see them, but i’m not sure they are displayed correctly

and i don’t think i see the follow-up effects at all

(windows 7, i7-2670QM@2,2 ghz processor from about 2011, 8gb ram, geforce GT 540M)

btw: did you push out some other hotfix after the bomb-synch one? the issue is a lot less noticeable today.

You definitely have the follow-up effects. Take a look at your health bar. The invisible paint drops are distorting it.

@Sirlin I also see the follow-up effects of the distorted paint drops on my machine as well as the distorted paint drops during the C. This is on 512x384 with lowest graphic settings, v-sync off. My machine drops about 20fps with Valerie which makes it hover around 60fps offline. Online, it tops out at 40fps and frequently drops down to 20fps or less. With other characters, it generally stays around 70-80fps offline, and 60fps online. Makes me sad because I can’t effectively practice against Valerie online.

I have windows 10, i5-3210M @2.50 GHz, 4GB RAM, Intel HD 4000.

I also have been experiencing slowdown when playing with val. Just hovering over her picture in select character screen actually freezes the game for couple of seconds.