Does grave have any air priority?

so far if my grave jumps and so does the opponent, no matter if i press A B or C i lose against rook, geiger, etc.
Am i doing something wrong?

Against Rook, whoever starts their move first typically wins the air exchange. So if you jump and press B, you’ll win the exchange if Rook has not yet started his move. Unless he supers you, because it has invincibility frames.

Well Rook and Geiger have crazy good jump ins. Jaina’s sucks though, so you can probably beat hers.

hmm, tried that, lost to his air vines (the move when he spins around himsel)

Hmm. Maybe Grave’s jump-B became a little less safe with the recent adjustment to pushboxes? It used to absolutely demolish everything Rook could do short of air-Super. Might have to just spend less time in the air as Grave. Or you can jump, and then punish their air-move with your air-Super.

Grave’s air B did not become worse air to air from the pushbox adjustment–no change its air-to-air effectiveness from that particular thing. That said, the move’s animation was slightly polished up a month or two ago and that actually did change it a little. It spins differently now and that could have affected how it hits air-to-air right at the start.

Grave’s air A is still the same as ever though. It has a really fast startup of only 5f and a good hitbox.


from what I remember Grave jB is disgusting and has great priority??
I don’t know how that ever loses to a Rook

lol fight me and watch me lose every single air fight

Just press B immediately after jumping. It’s too good dude
It’s also very ambiguous where it goes

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Outside of that, the jump kick is actually quite good, but needs to be done quite early for air to air.

But yeah, I think you’re right – if you don’t have the super, you can expect to lose a lot of air to air to Rook, Geiger, or Valerie.

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