Does this game have a communuity in europe?


i am very interested in Fantasy Strike, but i would like to know if this game has a community in europe atm.

this link shows a playerbase of under 20 ppl a day. is this link for europe only, excluding the US, or is this worldwide?

thank you

We aren’t many, but we are here.

Maybe check out these links to find people:

the Discord is pretty popular too.


so the link i showed u, is this automatically for europe only or worldwide?

I’m not familiar with the website, but as long as it’s not specified, I’d say worldwide.

There are a few who play it ^^ and looking at the graph, it is a slowly growing group! :smiley:

wow, a lot of italians. anyone in milan for offline sessions?

Not me!

You could still share your Steam Page though, so we can add you.

i actually added all of you. however, my steam page is /srwdomon IIRC

sassolino, are you from livorno? :slight_smile:

Modena actually