Dream game: Fantasy Strike

Fantasy strike is my dream game.
Once upon a time I thought about a game where you think of instructions and that the character in the 2,5 D fighting game would do them. Fantasy Strike is very close to that. Maybe it’s even better, because if my FS characters would do exactly as I think I’d probably play less efficient / flexibel.

The fact that decision making is at the heart of the game really appeals to me, because my life motto is

Choices make People

I’m not much of a gamer. I do not play daily, but I like talking about games, so I have decided that talking about Fantasy Strike would be my best way to promote it.
Besides being a patron of Sirlin Games I asked a friend to write a review. He did and he send it in, but the website didn’t publish it. I’m thinking of a way to let them know that people should know about Fantasy Strike.

It seems to me that Fantasy Strike doesn’t appeal to non-gamers or even gamers that do not play fighting games. I have hosted an Fantasy Strike event where some people didn’t even touch the game and other had the opinion that the characters have too little health. Not to mention that some characters seem too good if people haven’t played the game enough. Then there are other input ‘normal’ fighting games input and do not appreciate the output they get…

Yeah, the concept of Fantasy Strike is in essence so clean that it baffles people in the same way that people are baffled by the way money is created by banks. Even showing people how it works doesn’t convince them it does and makes them regard the game as a mediocre game and that hurts. People really have to grasp the concept of the game and the implications that follow that to understand why people are so fond of it.

Since the console release I have been playing more and I’m starting to understand that it’s good thing, for me now, that the game currently only has 10 characters to play, because if you want to improve yourself in the game, you have to know the other characters more. If you do, some match-ups will be easier and you’ll know better what to do.
On the other hand, some outsiders, who do not see the depth of the game, consider it a disadvantage. After all this time, I’m still trying to understand how some characters actually work.

I read that Fantasy Strike has brought together Fighting Game players from other games and that those people really enjoy the game and this could lead to the game becoming an evergreen. Only that would mean that the game wouldn’t get so much love as it should have had, in my opinion.
So, I’m just thinking out loud about how this could be possible.

  • Giving away copies wouldn’t do the trick, because if people get something for free, they tend to value it less.

  • Finding a way of making people play the game without making them buy it, could work. I believe DOA has something like that, where you can play some of the characters but that it switches. Although I don’t know if that works on the Switch.

  • Challenging people to a duel could work.

  • Showing people how crazy Boss Rush is (I didn’t knew that for months!).

  • Letting people show off.

  • Telling people how rich the story is and how much background the characters have.

  • Writing reviews on all different places

Yeah, I know, a lot of these things have probably been done or tried before…
What can we do more?

I haven’t given up that dream and I know Fantasy Strike ís that dream game I thought of. We just have to share that vision with others. But we just haven’t found thé way how, but I believe that we will, somehow.


I’ve definitely found that the most effective way to sell the game to people is to just have them try it out. Non-fighting-game-players in particular generally seem to think it looks too much like a “normal” fighting game, and just assume it’ll be too hard to play, until they actually try it out for a little while.

I’m with you on the hopes that it catches on, though! It’s a really fun game : o


I think that devs should consider free weekend on Steam.

(For those who do not know, It does not mean that you can get the game to keep for free, this means that game can be played during the promotional weekend regardless whether you own it, and after the weekend it is disabled in your library again if you do not. )

I have always seen this as perfect marketing tool for multilayer games.I have previously bought some games because of them. I wonder why it is not used more, perhaps steam has way too strict criteria for this type of promotion, but I think it might be worthwhile to contact them about it.

We could then try to spread the message and convince people to try it out.

The problem is from what I understand it, that’s up to Steam, and nothing the devs can initiate to happen.

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Yeah, it’s come up a few times, and it’s been confirmed that Steam decides if you can do a free weekend, rather than it being a dev-side decision.

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