Duplicate Powerup (Boss Rush)

Title: Duplicate Powerup Selection during boss rush

Summary: Sometimes I’ll get 2 instances of the same powerup during boss rush.
I only have one screenshot but it has happened to me once before, but I forgot to report it.

Steps to reproduce:

Expected Results:
All powerups to choose from are unique

Actual Results:
Sometimes 2 choices are the same choice.



Game Version: 1.17939

System Information: Win10 Home

I think only Midori has two instances of Rigorous Training. I believe it is intended to be that way from what I remember being told. So, he gets two power-ups that give an extra damage to his throws.

He has two copies of that on purpose so that you can power up his throws twice. I guess it’s sad to get both as a choice at once, oh well.

Can powerups reappear later in a run if you don’t pick them?