Early access on steam

Any idea how much will cost buying the early access on steam yet?
Thank you very much

In the FIG campaign is written “expected retail price: $30”.


It’s now officially September, release could be any day now (though I don’t expect it until later in the month), HYPE!


Technically they said EARLY september, so hype up boys!


Just saw the post about graphics changes. What a great improvement! Makes me really excited for the Steam release.

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Could you link it please?

Here you go: http://www.fantasystrike.com/blog/2017/graphical-updates


Thanks man.

The stages look great and the physics seem to have improved a lot, but I’ve gotta say that I really liked the blacks in the characters. They had that comic book feeling which I find really enjoyable, perhaps I would have preferred some sort of mid way. Also Valerie looks weird now, but at least Grave has nipples!

I’m curious to see it in action — I suspect it may look better in action, even if in stills I feel like I probably prefer the older look.

Can I gift “FSFG early access” to all (but a little , 8 or 9)my steam friends ?
Is it help to Sirlin Games ?

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Yes, that would be helpful.

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Dude I can’t wait to play online again. It’s been too long