Empowered Quince gC

Title: Empowered Quince gC

Summary: It is possible to make Quince gC send out not 2 quinces, but 3!

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Pick Quince and any other character
    1.5) Optional: Enter Two Truths mode to see that it’s not just a visual glitch
  2. Do 1 illusionary fA
  3. Immediately do a gC and hold it to maximum

Expected Results: Quince does a gC with one illusion, the opponent takes 2 damage in two truths

Actual Results: Quince’s gC does 2 illusions and one real, with the extra illusion being wherever 6C would’ve put Quince, the opponent takes 3 damage in two truths

Notes: Doesn’t work if you do an even number of illusion fAs before the gC, only odd numbers, which is kinda even weirder than the glitch itself

Attachments: image

Game Version: v1.19459

System Information: Running on Steam

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Also works after jB* and gB

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