Entered multiple times to the same Ranked tournament

Entered multiple times to the same tournament

During Ranked play, I was entered to the first tier of a tournament and eliminated.
When matched again, I was entered to the finals match of the same tournament, visible both on the finals round and the first round (but not the rounds in between).

Steps to Reproduce:

Expected Results:
It should be impossible to re-enter the tournament once you have been eliminated.

Game Version:
Occurred on live version, April 27th

I may have spoken incorrectly about this in discord chat. The actual rule is:
“You can’t play against the same opponent twice in a given tournament.” As far as we know, this is still true and your report does not claim this particular thing happened.

A different concept is “Your name appears multiple times in a bracket (but this doesn’t involve you ever playing the same opponent twice)” That’s what the report above is. This is not actually prohibited so it’s “working as intended.”

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