Escape from Midori's dragon form air C

As Jaina I usually just react to it with C or ground Super, but before I was playing as Rook and had literally no idea on how to counter it.

I tried jumping, B, C, air B, air C (which sometimes worked), Super and air Super. All of them got beat, I was literally free to back-to-back meaty air Cs.

So how does a character without reversal deal with it?

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With Rook it definitely seems hit or miss. As with any command grab, it shouldn’t grab you (1) out of pre-jump frames, and (2) while you’re in an unthrowable state and then hit them.

Jumping “just before he grabs you” seems actually fairly tough to time right, so don’t often go for attempts to just jump over Midori. With Rook, his splash (forward/back jump-A) is probably the most reliable? It seems like it has a big hitboxes. Neutral jump-A might work pretty well.

Jump-B is probably pretty bad, because it has hurtboxes on his legs, and Midori is likely moving underneath you. Jump-C sometimes feels like it has weird hit/hurt boxes (most characters can jab you out of it), so will probably be unreliable. Air Super should work, but again, you have a hurtbox on Rook’s feet that Midori might grab, so your trajectory has to be good.

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Jumping over midori has worked for me in 100% of cases that I remember. Jumping back or up will probably get you caught though.

I second the splash thing. It’s still not a great escape tool but it’s the best I’ve been able to find.

Thanks fellas, I’ll try.

I try and jump back splash or if I have enough time njA

That matchup is great against human and awful against dragon, so it’s very tug of war-y

I wouldn’t say it’s great against human form. I’m no Rook or Midori expert by any means, but everything I do as Rook to get in is slow enough to react with a parry from Midori (meaning free charge) and, if I don’t get in, Midori can just play by the clock until his meter charges.

Or am I missing something?

Empty jump, throw. :wink:

Good point, maybe using his C is better as Midori’s Yomi Counters are that much powerful.

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Well, if you empty jump and Midori goes for parry, you should have enough time to normal throw them.

True, but it’s still very risky.

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It’s not as bad as you think. The things human is normally good against is really risky against rook
Parrying is typically a risky option against rook because if you guess wrong you’re thrown for 2 damage so if anything he should be jumping

Once he’s in Rook has the upper hand, I agree.

I was talking about neutral though.

jC that mofo.
Trust me he’s more afraid of you than you are of him

Like bees you mean?


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