EU Fantasy Strike Commentary Stream - Friday evening Aug 16th

Sad you’re not a Pro and aren’t invited to this?
Well, worry not, especially if you’re in Europe, you can get your on-stream time to shine anyway, as I’m doing another EU-timezone friendly Fantasy Strike Commentary Stream earlier that same night, Friday 16th August, 7pm UK time, 20:00 CET.

I want YOUR matches to commentate on my stream!
Especially if you’re a new player to FS and haven’t been on my early-access streams, I would love to watch and commentate your matches. Ranked or Casual play, console or PC, it doesn’t matter I would love to watch and commentate you :slight_smile:

Just add me as an in-game friend (Remy77077) and play online matches and don’t block spectators, and I will try and watch some of your matches & get everyone I can who’s online onto my stream during the evening. Feel free to watch along too, and chat with me etc whether you’re playing or not.

Hope to see you all there! :smiley:


i’m away form my PS4 atm, otherwise i would totally do this! if do another one, count me in!


Well it’s tomorrow evening (Europe time), so if you’re on your PS4 then, all is good :smiley:
No need to “sign up” or anything, just be online and I’ll be spectating :smiley:

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no i mean, i’m away form my ps4 for a week cause i’m in another part of the country. back on Monday :slight_smile:

Ah that’s a shame! Hopefully another time then :slight_smile:
Or QUICK, get a Switch with FS too! :stuck_out_tongue: