EU-friendly timezone Rank Up Stream tonight

In case you haven’t heard, we’re doing another EU-friendly time Fantasy Strike Rank Up Stream for you all tonight :smiley:
20:00 CET, 7pm UK time

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Hey @Remy77077, @Leontes,

What do you think about posting the urls from the rank-up nights, in the corresponding media, after the stream is over.
For easier access to whoever has missed the stream?

Like, “In case you’ve missed it, you could watch it here -”.


I tend to post highlights of especially good matches (or commentary! hah) onto my youtube at

Partly cos personally that’s what I’d want to watch later too myself, as I wouldn’t normally have time for a long 2+ hour stream unless it’s actively happening and I can chat or get involved with it somehow.

But I’m happy for links to be posted to past videos ofc. :smiley:

Most folks who use twitch a lot will know they are there though I guess too? I’ve certainly hunted around successfully on twitch for things I missed (like some of the FS tournaments and such), but they only last a week usually on twitch (another reason I prefer youtube for archiving good bits)

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Nice, I didn’t know about the youtube channel :slight_smile:

It’s a bit unfortunate that twitch keeps the videos just for a week, but from another side, people will be able to see an up-to-date state of the game?

Also, laziness is a thing, to be one click away is different than having to search for it.
You could load it in background, just out of curiosity, and then be enchanted by the beauty of Fantasy Strike =)

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I’ve not had time to take any highlights yet either as it happens from Friday! But hopefully over the next few days I will get some done :slight_smile: