European Fantasy Strike Early Access Tournament #2: 7pm UTC Thur Nov 29th 2018

Our 2nd EU Fantasy Strike tournament is over, the winner is:
:2nd_place_medal:2nd place is Ulrik
Congrats to all players! Was a fantastic event, especially with the great stream by SirlinGames :fire: Next one in a few weeks - watch this space! :grin::+1:

VOD for the stream:

(for next couple of weeks usually on twitch). I will put up my matches on youtube later and FS should be uploading some from the stream too I believe.

Feedback I got was a couple of players would prefer the event to be later, and a couple more could’ve made it if we’d run it later. One player would prefer it earlier but unfortunately this is already at the earliest time I can do it realistically, and I don’t want the event to run too late for CET time people.
Everyone was happy with it taking longer to be able to stream more matche, it was still a pretty quick event well <2 hours which is my target.
Any other comments please let me know :slight_smile:


Playlist of all my matches from this tournament:

Here’s the full replay of the tournament stream. Fantastic job on commentary by Leontes and CWheezy, featuring every player that entered: