Evo 2019 Presence?

Hi all, just picked up this game and so far I’m really loving it. With evo just around the corner, and as I often enjoy watching top level play of games I enjoy, I decided to see if fantasy strike was anywhere on the docket but didn’t see it. I know its not technically released yet so that wasn’t a huge surprise, but anyone know if Fantasy Strike will be having any sort of a presence at evo 2019 this year? Seems like evo’s always a great spot to build hype for games in general, but I remember hearing about this game years ago, being excited for it, and then not really hearing about it since till I did a random search on steam yesterday and saw it was available in early access. Considering how far along the game appears to be, perhaps this would be a good opportunity to not only remind people of the game, but build hype for an impending release in the near future?

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the impression I get from the devs on Discord is that they don’t really have the budget to make a trip out to Evo, but I’m sure they’d love it if people just played it while they were there. Hopefully it’ll be out on Switch by then, and people can just sort of pop off the joy-cons and play it wherever : o

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We had a booth at the last two Evos, but at this point we can’t really afford the five figures of expenses associated with that, so we have no presence planned. We wish there were side tournaments or other presence that players set up though. Please spread the word about the game if you can.