Expansion Characters Archetype Groups

So in the current version of the game we have:

  • 4 zoners: Grave, Jaina, Geiger and Argagarg.

  • 2 rushdown: Setsuki and Valerie.

  • 2 grapplers: Rook and Midori.

  • 2 wild cards: DeGrey and Lum.

I’ve tried to brainstorm at what archetype groups the next set of characters would be part of, but I’m unsure about most of them. Maybe someone that played the other games in the Fantasy Strike universe could help me with a better input than my own, as personally I’ve only watched YouTube videos.

My personal take so far is:

  • Quince: he could be either rushdown or a zoner really, even a wild card if his design focuses heavily on his light dodges. I’m really hype for this one, even though I know so little.

  • Onimaru: same as Quince, except I’m not hype for him.

  • Bal-Bas-Beta: probably a grappler, or maybe a wild card considering his 2 stances. He could be everything to be honest.

  • Torq: grappler, not much to say.

  • Menelker: I’d say rushdown.

  • Persephone: zoner with Power Lash / whip ranged attacks and Rising Pleasure or grappler with her Wild Ride. It depends on which part of her design the devs decide to focus on the most really.

  • Gloria: I’d say rushdown by looking at her moves, I’m not sure how the devs plan to implement her life gain outside of super though.

  • Gewn: probably a wild card, she could be seen as rushdown too though.

  • Vendetta: I’d say a very edgy rushdown, but his Frost Web might make him a zoner.

  • Zane: I’d say either a rushdown or, more likely, a zoner.

My wild guess so far would be:

  • 2 zoners: Persephone and Zane.

  • 4 rushdown: Menelker, Gloria, Vendetta and Quince.

  • 2 grapplers: Torq and BBB.

  • 2 wild cards: Gwen and Onimaru.

BBB is certainly a zoner. His entire design in Yomi is based around this archetype, lol.


Ok then, anyone else?

Quince: definitely feel like he should be wild-card. His whole thing in Yomi is guessies.

Oni: uhhh. I have no idea. In Yomi he controls neutral really well and has crazy invincible moves. I gues that would be a type of zoner?

BBB: flying zoner!

Persephone: vortex character, which I guess falls under wildcard for now?

Gwen: definitely rushdown. She’s all about finishing the game fast because she’s dying.

Gloria: I could see rushdown or zoner. This game has too many zoners…

Vendetta: some character with great, long normals and a vortex, so rushdown, similar to Valerie.

Zane: rushdown/wildcard.


So, assuming you guys are right, we’d have:

  • 2 zoners: Onimaru and BBB.

  • 5 rushdown: Gwen, Gloria, Vendetta, Menelker and Zane.

  • 1 grappler: Torq.

  • 2 wild cards: Quince and Persephone.

To be honest I expected each group to have either 2 or 4 characters, which could be possible if we count Persephone as a grappler and Gwen/Gloria as a wild card:

  • 2 zoners: Onimaru and BBB.

  • 4 rushdown: Gloria/Gwen, Vendetta, Menelker and Zane.

  • 2 grapplers: Torq and Persephone.

  • 2 wild cards: Quince and Gwen/Gloria.

EDIT: Also aren’t you the guy that plays Yomi on youtube?

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Gwen is absolutely rushdown, no discussion. She’s a character that literally dies if she doesn’t win fast enough.
Gloria is the one that could end up anywhere, because her Yomi design is very focused on a mechanics that fits neither category. I actually don’t see her as rushdown at all. She usually benefits from long matches and I think she is the character who wins most often via time-out.

Perse could work as a grappler I suppose, she has special grabs in Yomi. But does a 20-characters game really need 4 dedicated grapplers? But the category could work.

Onimaru as a short-ranged zoners makes sense. I can see him focus on control space with his long sword and whatever clockwork soldiers will look like.


So basically it’s all about who of those 5 rushdown characters fits the wild card group the most.

Personally I said Gwen mostly because of what I’ve read in these forums regarding possible fighting game implementations of her passive ability, most of which make her as much of a glass cannon as possible.

[quote]most of which make her as much of a glass cannon as possible.[/quote]Which fits right in with the current rushdown chars. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t see Valerie and Setsuki as glass cannons honestly. I mean, they have 1 less hp than average, but that’s it.

I’d say it’s

Quince: Wild Card

Zane: Rushdown (all offense, no defense)

BBB: Zoner

Gwen: Rushdown rushdown rushdown. If there was only one rushdown character in the entire cast, it’s Gwen

Gloria: Wild Card - really depends on how the healing mechanic is implemented

Vendetta: zoner. He’s Vega - focused on pokes

Menelker: zoner - he’s Akuma aka Grave with air fireballs

Persephone: wild card or grappler

Onimaru: wild card? maybe zoner

So that leaves

Zoner: BBB, Menelker, Vendetta

Rushdown: Gwen, Zane

Grappler: Troq, Maybe persephone

Wild card: Quince, Onimaru, maybe Gloria

I am that YouTube Yomi guy. :slight_smile:


lol BBB is definitely zoner, Gwen and Zane is definitely rushdown
Menelker would probably fall under zoner cuz he has a fireball

Gwen. Is. Rushdown.

Quince deck design is built around option selecting moves. While option selects are usualy un-intended in games with complex inputs… I’m certain sirlin will build around option selecting as a character foundation. Just like geiger is a ‘charge’ character.

BB, is obviously a zoner.

Onimaru will obviously have an unblockable special.

Gwen will… heal… wow… Probably the most like Argagarg… which we know still know little-to-nothing about

If anyone should be named a ‘wild card’ it should be zane… thematically speaking that is… He could potentially have some anarchy random-ness like lum… or some meaty oki pressue… In the card game, I’ve always thought of him as a mobile grappler… who knows.

Persephone, will revolve around kd. And/or Quanchi-like Mind Control

Menelker… Idk, I assume either he turns into a dragon like Midori… Or he hexes people into being unable to jump or special or something…

Troq grab. Troq smash. Troq win.

I HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT VENDETTA. Hoping for some corner jumps, just cause of his king card.

Zoner: Onimaru, Bal-Bas-Beta, Gloria *1
Rushdown: Gwen, Vendetta, Zane
Grappler: Troq
Wildcard: Quince, Menelker *2, Persephone

*1: Her speeds/gameplan feels very zonerish to me, but I could see Wildcard.
*2: I consider him more Rushdown than Wildcard, but he’d probably have an Air Fireball. Likely well rounded.

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I have’t ever technically discussed this with Sirlin, so this is not “official” in any way, but these are what they would be based on my understanding of these chars from helping develop them in his other games:

Rushdown - Gwen, Zane, Vendetta
Zoner - Gloria, BBB, Menelker
Grappler - Troq
Wildcard - Quince, Persephone
Uhh - Onimaru (Rushdown, if anything?)