Extreme delay on macbook pro

I’m using a Macbook Pro Retina Late 2013, 2,8Ghz i7/8GB RAM.
Just installed the game from steam. It lags to the point where it’s actually unplayable. Not only online, but arcade and practice aswell.
Is this a current problem of the Mac version? Should i deinstall and try to get a refund?
I would love to keep the game

I just had the same problem, 2012 iMac. In windowed mode the game would drop to 4 FPS. To fix this I ran the game in full screen mode, no more problems with slow downs or frame drops. However, the game still crashed on me in the middle of a match. It was working great yesterday but today it has been crashing seemingly randomly.

This might have to do with a bug in the Unity engine that we are unable to fix, but that Unity will soon issue a fix for. If you set your resolution in the game to, say, 1080p, then you switch applications, when you return to Fantasy Strike the engine can secretly, silently set the resolution to the computer’s native resolution. Mac laptops have very high resolution screens so this might set the game to an absurdly-too-high resolution and result in extreme slowdown.

To check if this is happening, just go to video options in the game and make sure it STILL says 1080p or 720p and not some enormous resolution.

We will patch this issue as soon as Unity issues their fix.


Cool thanks!