Failed spectator connection resulted in false tournament victory


Attempted to spectate someone, they were in Ranked.

Received Connection lost to Opponent error, before the match was able to be spectated, meanwhile the hold Y to stop watching prompt remained.

Spectator session never began after a few minutes of ‘waiting for next match’.

I hold Y and exit that attempt to spectate.

I go play Arcade instead, and at some point later, get pulled out of Arcade and then it transitions to showing me the tournament bracket with that player I attempted to spectate, shown as the winner. Then the scene transitions to displaying me as the winner and seeing the rank points accumulate. I acknowledge the result and it exits back to main menu.

Steps to reproduce:
Not reproducible at will

Expected Results:
A cancelled/aborted session with another user should not later cause a related game-state change

Actual Results:



Game Version:

System Information: