Failing to block reversal attacks on opponent's wakeup

I’m having an issue when playing online where I’m being hit by my opponent’s wake-up reversals whilst I’m blocking. So far this has happened against Geiger’s flash kick and Grave’s super, and less frequently Grave’s sword.

Basically I’m standing over them on wake-up threatening a throw or meaty, then blocking as they get up, however I’m being hit by their reversal attack.

I only encounter this online and can’t recreate it locally. I don’t think it’s simply down to latency between me and my opponent, as it’s happening just as frequently between good and poor connections. Also I’ve tried to work around it by holding back much earlier than I would in any other game, but it’s still happening even when I’m visibly walking back during the attack. Also Grave’s sword has slow startup and it’s even happening against that.

I play only Midori

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Knock down Geiger when playing online
  2. Stand over Geiger and block
  3. Hope Geiger Flash Kicks

Expected Results:
Midori blocks

Actual Results:
Midori is hit by the attack

10444 + 10777

Has anyone encountered anything similar?

I’ve turned shadowplay on so I’ll try and capture it

Midori can’t block in purple state while close to the opponent. This is a bug. I think I played against you and I remember this happening.

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Yeah, this is caused by a bug with purple Midori.

I don’t know the exact cause, but I suspect it has something to do with “midori tries to throw opponent but they’re invincible then he gets hit”.
So yeah, it sucks. The only cure is to stand slightly outside of purple throw range, which is smaller than his normal throw range.

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Midori can’t block some attacks while he’s in his purple powerup state. Confirmed this is a known bug.

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Fixed in September 2017 build.