Failure to Connect While in Practice Causes Issues

Failure to Connect to a Friend Match While in Practice Mode Causes Issues

While in practice mode, if you accept a challenge from a friend and fail to connect to the match, it can cause practice mode to “fail”. It no longer acts like practice mode. You can KO the opponent and the rounds increment. Attempting to change characters causes even more issues. The game thinks you are connected to your friend. So, you cannot choose the 2nd player (it thinks your friend is the 2nd player) and trying to exit out of the character select brings up the dialog of “Do you want to disconnect from XXX?”. However, choosing to disconnect says “Failure to disconnect” and keeps you on the character screen. Requires a hard shutdown of Fantasy Strike.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go into practice mode
  2. Deplete your opponent’s health bar to zero.
  3. Immediately accept the friend challenge
  4. Fail to connect to the friend match
  5. KO will pop up and the round will increment
  6. You can continue to KO the opponent and increment rounds
  7. Go to menu (the normal practice menu does not appear) and choose “Change character”
  8. Attempt to select the 2nd player character. Cannot. Try to back out of character select screen. Disconnect dialog box pops up.

Expected Results:
Failure to connect to a friend match while in practice mode will still allow you to continue using practice mode as normal.

Actual Results:
Practice mode acts like a local versus match but still has frame data appear and button presses too. Unable to change characters because it thinks you are still connected to your friend. Unable to exit character select screen because it fails to disconnect.

Unsure if this is entirely reproducible, but those are the closest I can recall as to what steps happened.


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