Fan Character, Xena Arthra

made a fan character with people in the discord for fun, figured it was worth posting them here!

name: xena arthra, armadillo engineer

a young armadillo from the “western sun” region, famed for its great and ancient structures. recently, she has had a hand in the construction of almost every new building, ensuring the designs are practical enough to survive for eons like the buildings of old.

recently however, the water supply of the region has been interrupted by the flagstone dominion - while its buildings can survive indefinitely without water, its people cannot.

ground normals are slow low-damage high ranged strikes, because the ideal spacing from the opponent is midscreen and this directs the character into the correct position

bA = move back and strike (anti-air, risks backing into the corner)
nA = stay still and strike (poke)
fA = move forward and strike (far poke, risks moving too close)
jA = a drill attack straight downward
gB = drill forward and enter drill state (drill state = move forward continuously - press J to hop, A to dig, B to stop, C to turn - if the player hits a blocking opponent, they bounce off and are stunned)
jB = drill down-forward and enter drill state
gC/jC = parry by kd-ing self and opponent, no damage either way and return to neutral
gS = gain 1 point of armour until hit or thrown
jS = like rook’s earthquake + fast brief air-to-air at start, to knockdown the opponent