Fantasy Strike BiWeekly Bash #2!

Hello, Round 2 of my biweekly series! Set for Nov 22nd at 6pm PST / 9 pm EST

2/3 games, Double elimination, winners/losers/Grand Finals 3/5

Check In starts 30 minutes before the tournament does. Meet up before the tournament in Discord here:

The more tournaments the better, come show off your skills!

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Can’t wait for it, hopefully I’ll be able to join again.

Also, there have been a lot of desync issues with Lum and while I’m sure the FS team is working very hard on it, in the event that these issues persist should we consider banning the character? It’s not something I’d do with a smile, but if desyncs are still very consistent with him it could really hurt the tourney.

There’s been two hot-fixes about the Lum-related desyncs, things should be better now.


Oh, perfect.