Fantasy Strike Fall Brawl 2019 Tournament!

Welcome to the Fantasy Strike Fall Brawl! The Autumnal Equinox is approaching which means another season for a Fantasy Strike tournament!

We’re uniting internationally! East and West! North and… a little less north! Leontes from California and mrMKL from Toronto will be commentating this tournament for the NA region. We have some generous donors who have donated to our prize pool, and we welcome any and all donations!

The PS4 tournament will be held on September 7 at 1700 EDT.
The Switch tournament will be held on September 8 at 1700 EDT.
PC players are welcome to join both tournaments!
This is an online tournament.
No entry fee!
There are prizes for the top place finishers as well as random drawings for tournament participants!
Prizes will be distributed as Amazon gift cards.
Open registration to the NA region!
The format is Best of 1 Team Battle, Double Elimination.
Register at and
Players must add Leontes and mrMKL to their in-game friend list to allow spectating. Players must enable “Spectators Allowed” in-game.
Players must have Discord to be able to communicate with tournament administrators. Join us at the official Fantasy Strike Discord at !
When registering, make sure to change your display name on Challonge to reflect your in-game Fantasy Tag. If your name on discord is different, put your discord name in parantheses.

Have fun, and “play… FAIR!”

Full details are available at


will there be an EU version too?

If I’m able to raise enough funds through donations, I can run another open worldwide registration tournament. These two are restricted to NA since I was trying to include console players as much as possible. Consoles have a little harder time dealing with high ping than PC. But, if I can donations for a worldwide registration, I’ll definitely run one!

As it is, I didn’t have enough capital to run tournaments for multiple regions and multiple consoles.

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An update to the Fall Brawl:

Since the unique turnout for the NA region Switch tournament (scheduled on September 8th) is very low, we will be canceling that tournament and scheduling a new one. Look forward to an announcement coming soon!