Fantasy Strike Fall Brawl International 2019!

Hello everyone! Now that we got a little warmed up from the NA region Fall Brawl, it’s time to take it worldwide! It’s a great time to warm up for the Frosty Faustings XII tournament in the winter! Veteran and new players are welcome in this free entry tournament! There will be prizes for top finishers and unplaced participants! The tournament is open to all regions. You can register at . Make sure to sign up with your in-game name and if your discord name is different, make sure to put it in parantheses next to your in-game name.

The time of the tournament is on October 26th 2019 at 1400 EDT.

Current prizes are:
1st Place: $30
2nd Place: $15
3rd Place: $10
and three unplaced participants in a random drawing for $5 each! Also, there will be a random drawing for all participants to win a Pocket Rumble key (for PC or Switch by player’s choice donated by Plate!).

I will be updating this topic as more information comes out.