Fantasy Strike on Linux via Steam Play/Proton

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With the recent announcement of Steam Play allowing lots of games to be played on Linux, I was very excited to play FS without having to reboot into my Windows partition. I’ve had a few abortive attempts, including a very entertaining play through the tutorial with no character models loaded at all. However, at some point in the last week or two, something strange has happened.

While the game is still listed as Windows/macOS only in the store, Steam no longer shows it in my library as running via Steam Play. Installing it results in nothing being downloaded (as can be verified from the “Browse Local Files” option, and launching the game gives a “missing executable” error, with the path “~/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/common/Fantasy Strike/FS_Linux.bin”.

I’m not sure whether this is a bug report or not, but the deep hope in my heart (that I almost don’t want to jinx by saying out loud) is that this a sign of an upcoming native Linux version.

Can anyone else on Linux reproduce this or is this some half-expected weirdness from running the Steam Beta client?


Vindicated :raised_hands:


Okay, penguin pals! Time to spread that word of mouth and convince the devs that it was worth their time and effort to make a Linux port : D


wow awesome, thanks ! :smiley:

I’ll have to check that out once I get my desktop up and running.

How did I miss this!? Alright! Now, I need to get my desktop back in order again!


The game is not running on my system as I have also tried it to install on the Linux platform and there it used to run properly but on my Windows system it is creating an issue. It is also giving ERROR CODE 0XC0000428 on the interface and it has to be fixed.