Fantasy Strike QR Code (with logo)

Made a QR code with the Fantasy Strike dragon thingy.
Goes to the frontpage of the Fantasy Strike website.
Originally made it to put on signs (to be placed at Fantasy Strike setups at some locals).
Figured it might possibly be useful for other people, too.
I can upload the SVG version if anyone wants it.


Slick! Could you make a version that points to the Steam page, too, in theory?

I can. Thought about doing it myself, but figured that since there was already a link to the steam page front and center on the fantasy strike site it was probably a bit superfluous to do so.


If you want one, I can make one for you.
My original idea was to use the same base logo, but with the steam logo on top of it on the bottom right of the dragon thing to differentiate between the two.

My main reason in requesting such a thing would be for Japanese audiences (who would have little use for an all-English homepage)

Here you go. Leads to the Steam page for Fantasy Strike.
Let me know if you want the SVG version.


Great! Iā€™m planning on taking this game with me to a game bar this evening to show it off, so this QR code may well come in handy.