Fantasy Strike Summer Solstice (FS3) Tournament!

Welcome to Fantasy Strike Summer Solstice (FS3)! So much fun that we skipped right over FS2!

What better way to celebrate the summer solstice other than kicking off with a true Fantasy Strike? For those of you who do not have “patience, my friend” here is the TL;DR:

Tournament starts on June 22nd 2019, at 1400 EDT.
This is an online tournament.
No entry fee!
Open registration to all regions!
The format is Best of 1 Team Battle, Double Elimination.
Prizes will be distributed as Steam Wallet funds.
Register at
Matches will be streamed with excellent commentary by Leontes! (You must add him to your in-game friend list and allow spectators for this tournament).
Players must have Discord to be able to communicate with tournament administrators. Join us at the official Fantasy Strike Discord at !

Have fun, and “play… FAIR!”

Full details are available at


Aditional text, for the f**ing forum checker.

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Does this mean there was a FS1?

FS1 = Fantasy Strike :stuck_out_tongue:

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lol this is like B3

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Oooh, I’m certainly interested, need to check my availability :slight_smile:

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