Fantasy Strike's catchphrase

I was wondering: is there a Fantasy Strike catchphrase?
I haven’t seen one, so I thought of one:

It’s not about learning the moves, but about how to implement them during a match.

I think it’s still a bit long, but making it shorter might ruin the essence of it. However variations could be something like this:

Your decision is what matters, not how you input it.
Learning the controls is easy, actually playing is hard.
Even nothing will sometimes get you super!

As you can see, this is a work in progress. I haven’t found the best catchphrase yet. I think it has to tell neatly why Fantasy Strike is different then other Fighting games out there and why people should consider buying / backing / investing in it.
Do you have any input? (Pun intended.)


Another couple:

When inputs are easy, your decisions can shine.


When you can’t miss inputs or combos, you lose only from bad decisions.


Perhaps “break your opponent, not your controller”


Fantasy Strike: You know how to fight

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Play like a pro uninhibited

Short & sweet. I like this one.
But is it clear enough? You kinda have to explain this to most people.

What about:

Fantasy Strike - Fantasy is more important than execution

Hmmm… it sounds a bit lame.

“Anyone can cook.”


this is hype

No Input Stress, just Decide.

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“4 buttons, infinite options”

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I always liked saying at conventions, “Fight your opponent, not your controller” lol


Yeah that’s my favourite too :slight_smile:

Let’s contribute too :

From the Core-A video, “Really? Is it too hard for you to do nothing?”