Feature request: "Cancel online search" button on the post-match xp-gain screen

After playing a quick match game online, there’s a screen for 5 or 10 seconds where your xp meter ticks up and the fighter you were playing shows off. If you were playing in arcade or practice mode when the game found your last quick match partner, then after this ‘xp gain’ screen ends you will go to a loading screen to load right back into arcade or practice, with no opportunity to cancel matchmaking. Sometimes, after the delay of the xp-gain screen and the practice-mode loading screen right afterwards, you will find a match immediately before you have a chance to cancel. If you intended to stop after the last match this can be a bit frustrating, since you don’t want to rudely quit on the guy you just got matched with.

Having a button to cancel matchmaking on that post-match xp gain screen would solve this problem and let players quit matchmaking quickly without having to wait through a loading screen first.

We might alter this screen, but fyi, you can always cancel matchmaking already, right now.

If you touch your mouse, you will be in mouse mode on that screen and there’s a “leave game button” that cancels matchmaking.

Also, regardless of if you’re in mouse or controller mode, you can press either esc on the keyboard or options on a ps4 controller (or the equivalent button on any controller) that brings up a leave game button and change character button. All these methods let you leave the queue.

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Ah, Okay. I must have missed those options.
Thank you for clearing this up!

I’ll second the notion that a newer player might feel trapped in the matchmaking queue.

One time when I was playing arcade mode, it says hold Square to leave the queue, so I did, but I the next arcade mode game started before I held it down long enough.

Holding square during the transition screen in arcade should cancel faster than it does, but you can cancel matchmaking in arcade mode, or any other mode, by going to the pause menu. The cancel matchmaking button is purple to call attention to itself and always available there too.

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