February Build v8212 is up!

Link to blog post here: http://www.fantasystrike.com/blog/2017/game-update-february-2017


Interesting! So Rook’s new air-super, I assume no longer lets you get a free extra point of damage by doing j.S -> A if you’re close to the edge of the screen? Otherwise it still acts very similarly? Can you hit standing opponents with it and get the +1 throw damage?

Excited to see the new Yomi counter effects for him. :heart_eyes_cat:

I can confirm this works. Tried it in Training mode earlier today. It looks pretty sick!

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You guys, Geiger’s stage already looks fantastic

I still think Rook’s or maybe Setsuki’s stage should be the Flash Duel bridge though


Yeah, knowing that the Clock Tower is going to look better is exciting! Even in its unfinished state, it’s probably my favorite stage so far.

That’s an interesting idea… Now I want Lum’s stage to have games of Pandánte going in the background, but that might be too difficult to make. :sweat_smile:

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I and my friend, Shigure played v0.812.
It was very exciting !
I love this clock tower factory.
Did you see the parts of BBB ?
I’m looking forward to next version up!