Fig/Patreon Reward Suggestion

I believe that the crowd funding rewards should allow donators to choose which platform they want their digital copy for, upon release.

For example, the $10 tier on Patreon and the $20 tier on Fig shouldn’t be locked to PC version, with the Fig making an ADDITIONAL PS4 copy for an extra $24.

Most fighting game players only get a title for one platform, and the most used olatform for the FGC is PS4. So, people like me would prefer to just get the PS4 copy so we can take it to locals and try to get more people into the game.
The PC version won’t have that kind of reach, so requiring everyone to get a PC copy and then charging extra for an extra copy on PS4 is discouraging many fighting game fans (like myself), who already play primarily on console, from bothering with the Fig campaign.

Try to fix that and make it possible for us to CHOOSE which platform we get our first copy for. Freedom of choice draws people in, restriction pushes them away.