First Ever Online Tournament Discussion

Hi guys, it’s me, the friendly neighbourhood Australian

I love tournaments so I’m gonna run one.
I haven’t worked out specifics yet so here’s the thread to discuss it.
I think it’s best to make it a one day tournament to start. Streaming is pretty difficult due to lack of spectator mode, but I’ll be looking into options for that.
I won’t participate because Australian ping, and it’ll help me run it better.

I reckon single elim, best of three, standard counter pick. Keep it simple.

I welcome your thoughts and feedback.
Maybe I should post on steam forums too?


I like it! Depending on the level of interest, maybe double-elim?

would be imo too long, exp for a single day tourney.

Sounds sound! If it is over too quickly, add double elim for later tournaments ^^

A match can, theoretically, take 8 minutes if it goes to time out every round, then that becomes 18 minutes for a set. But thinking that one set takes around 20 minutes considering having to make friends on steam to be able to challenge and stuff, doesn’t sound way off.

I’d love to partecipate if I can, hell I even thought of hosting one myself in the past!

The problem though is that at the moment friend matches don’t always work, at least for us europeans. Also the community isn’t huge so it’s hard to create single region tournaments outside of America, and intercontinental matches might get very laggy.

That said, if you want to try I’m in! I can also give you the admin powers for our small Steam Group in case someone doesn’t read here, and you might want to create a post on r/fantasystrike as well.

I’m down. Of course, it probably won’t go ideally given my experience with online matches so far, but it would be a fun experiment. I also think double elims would be better. I mean, I don’t think there are gonna be a lot of entrants anyway so might as well.

We could do it like IYL where we’re bracketed up by location and play pools that way over several weeks

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I’m garbage but I’d play if the time is usa friendly :slight_smile:

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First one will definitely be single elim, just because I have no idea what the time commitment is so far, and I want it to be as quick as possible.
I’ll definitely review it afterwards, but for now, that’s what it is.

@sassolino didn’t we play a set last week?
I mean yeah, everyone is going to have to make sure they can get friend matches, because you can’t really play in a tournament if you can’t…

Glad to hear the interest. Is the reddit active? Lots of people? If so I’ll pop over and make a post later.

Interested =D

I’ll definitely be running it on a weekend, I don’t know exactly what time is best. It’s hard to get a comfortable time for everyone, so I’ll probably just roll with a US friendly time, since that’s the bulk of players.
Apologies to all my international friends, but I hope you will still be able to make it.


I’m not sure if we played, but the subreddit is kinda sorta active, it should have more active memebers than here at least.

If it’s a weekend, early afternoon usa is still early night for EU, gets both groups in. Would probably be middle of the night for you though :wink:

That makes it tricky. I thought Sunday would be the ideal day since few work that day and most weekend tournaments for other fighting games (which I assume a lot of us attend) are on saturdays. But if we’re going to do it at what equates to the night in some areas, that may not be such a great idea.

This is tricky.

Well the earliest I’ll run it is in two weeks anyway cause I’m on camp next weekend.
Unsure if I can week after, but I’ll work on it. If not then, the next one.

I cant make it on weekends

I still think we should do it like IYL and have it span over weeks, where matchees would be determined and then they would schedule their matches and report them

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Like a round robin?

like pools, based on our location
so the pools are round robin

Look maybe that will happen in the future. Since this is the first online tournament ever, I’m going to keep it very simple.

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