Forced From Ranked Match To Strange Computer Mirror Match

Forced From Ranked Match To Strange Computer Mirror Match

Entered a ranked match in Gold League Tournament for the final match. Within two seconds of starting the match, I was desynchronized from my opponent. The screen said that the opponent left the match. I got kicked immediately into a Midori mirror match against the computer, even though I hadn’t picked Midori for any of the members of my ranked match team.

The match was a best of five rounds match, meaning I had to win five rounds (instead of the normal four) to win the match. I played it out, and I won, five rounds to three. However, the game did not stop. The game went to round nine, with me having a full set of five wins on my side. I had to play another round (round nine on the screen and by voice announcer) to finish the match. I went into a win pose for Midori, and the game stalled out on the screen. I had to use Task Manager to shut the game down.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Enter both casual and ranked queues
  2. Get chosen by the computer to enter a ranked Gold League Tournament match for the final gold trophy.
  3. Almost immediately, the screen give the error “Desynchronized from the opponent.” Then announces “The opponent has quit the match.”
  4. The unrelated Midori mirror match versus the computer starts.

Expected Results:
Play the ranked match in the Gold League Tournament.

Actual Results:
A frozen Midori win pose, causing me to shut down Fantasy Strike externally.



Game Version:

System Information: