Frame data outside of practice mode

New to the game. Is there anywhere that I can view every characters frame data without going into practice mode and trying each move individually.

Separate, but related question I’m having trouble telling what moves qualify as “fast” compared to the rest of the cast (e.g. what would be the equivalent of a 3 frame normal in street fighter).

There is a spreadsheet somewhere but I’m not sure it’s fully up to date.
Fastest jab I think is about 7 frames, might be 8.
Fastest moves are throws that are active frame 4.
Other than throws… Grave ground super is active… Frame four also, I think.

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I think the fastest attack is 5 frames of startup (either Setsuki or Valerie neutral A), and normal throws have 3f startup in this game.

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Check the steam guides for frame data.


Found it. Thanks!