Framedrops on Switch

Framedrops on Switch

When playing on the Switch, I experience frequent frame drops during the menus and animations.
For example, on the title screen, on the character select screen, during win animations, on the screen before a match that shows who is fighting who, and even during the ranked battle character roulette.

I don’t know if any framedrops actually occur during gameplay or not, at least its not nearly as noticable if it does. Its incredibly apparent during all of the screens listed above though.

I’m not sure if you mean just the way it is for everyone on Switch all the time, or if you have some unique problem. We spent months on JUST optimizing the game to run on Switch. It was an expensive and difficult process and we will not be able to do anything more on that. It seems to run pretty well for me though, I play on Switch all the time.

If by “title screen” you mean the main menu, that runs at least 50fps. Maybe slightly less for DeGrey only.

Hi, thank you for your reply.
To better explain what I am seeing, I recorded some videos using the Switches built in capture ability. Although it only records at 30fps, the issues are still very apparent. I have overlaid some information overtop of the videos to help with my explanations.

First, the most serious issue, which is a framedrop I saw during actual gameplay.

In this video, when valerie jumps the second time, it freezes. You can see that frames 172, 173, & 174 are all identical. Since the recorded framerate is halved from the actual game, this is as if 5-6 frames were skipped.

Next, the character select screen. This isn’t that big of a deal, but even in this short clip you can see multiple quick freezes.

Frames 29-33 are identical. There is also a bit of a jump between 66-67 if you watch Valerie’s paintbrush–I’m not sure if that’s an actual issue or if its just animated like that (I see a lot of similar jumps following freezes though)

Finally the Title screen. The amount of freezes seems to vary depending on the actual scene that is displayed. Sometimes I don’t really see any freezes, and other times (like here) its quite bad.

First off, there is a freeze while the title screen is sliding on, frames 22-23, and then a jump at 25.
Then it freezes from 35-40 (watch the snowflakes).
A longer freeze at 120-128. An even longer one at 272-283. More at 402-413.
Some of these are more than 10 frames at 30fps, which would be more than 1/3 of a second.
The title screen will also ignore my inputs when I am trying to navigate the menu while it happens to freeze like that.

Just wanted to post here and say I am experiencing the same issues. The bit where the game isn’t picking up inputs in the menu is definitely true on my end. Sometimes when I’m playing my character will stutter a little also. I understand you guys worked really hard on this switch version but these issues were not present before the last patch.

I would actually say it has been happening since launch. I remember the stuttering menus being one of the first things that I noticed. I’m thinking the backgrounds might have something to do with it, because there are times when I don’t really notice the issues. I was never really certain if it was happening in gameplay or not until I finally recorded some footage, until now I thought I was just seeing lag (the clip above is local play though, so clearly no lag).

I’m hoping there is just some bug that has slipped through that is causing it, But I get it if there is nothing that can be done.

Just wanted to add that I found a rather major frame drop during gameplay that is reproducible. As lum, toss out one or more mini-lums. Then an opponent lum or midori(dragon form) can do their B move to dash forward to attack the mini lum. The more mini lums, the worse is it.

I noticed some lesser frame drops when other characters attack the mini lums, like with argagargs drill. Only happens with specific moves though, most characters can attack the mini lums without any noticable frame drop.

I can’t really tell anything from watching 30fps videos in slow motion. I’ll reiterate what I said before though, that at great time and expense, we optimized the game as best we could on Switch. What you’re seeing is the best we can do. We will definitely not be able to optimize performance any further. The game is done and shipped.

As a side note, as a player I can choose any platform, and I intentionally play the Switch version almost exclusively now.