FS Matchup Compendium

This is something that seems to be a growing need as a useful tool to point new people to. There’s a lot of questions such as:

“What does Rook vs Lum match-up look like?” or “How do I deal with time spiral as Setsuki?” or just “What is high level play like?”

Hopefully we can, over time, build up a concise listing of examples for every matchup in the game. Yes, that is a lot of matches to get so this could take a while; no rush though. This needs to be quality over quantity and as diverse a showing of players as is feasible.

Rules for video submissions:

  • Matches can be team or versus.
  • The link needs to go directly to start of the next relevant match.
  • Video needs to be publicly available (probably everything on youtube is easiest but perhaps twitch archives are good enough). Video and audio are preferably good quality.
  • It needs to be reasonably high level - I’m not saying only Master players can submit but we also don’t want an example where someone is clearly lacking knowledge or execution.
  • It should be representative of being well played on both sides - this needs to be a fair fight, players don’t need to play perfectly but it shouldn’t be totally free for one player.
  • There should be some diversity of strategy - If it’s just a one trick pony match where one player lands a mixup 100% of the time, it is not very helpful. This goes back to point 4 and 5 a bit but there should be some level of counter-play displayed.
  • If in doubt, remember the goal is to provide players with effective tools to incorporate into their gameplan.

With that in mind, I think we should aim for 2-3 videos of each matchup. At least 2 guarantees enough variety of gameplay styles any more than 3 or 4 is going to be noise.

Fantasy Strike Matchup Compendium
Edit: for now this is view only, but I’ll be managing it.


Added in the first round by going through a large backlog of matches currently online. Unfortunately, it’s going to be a bit slower from here due to using up most of it already.

The quality is not quite as high as I was hoping but I guess that’s to be expected when the game isn’t that old.

Added another round using some recent twitch tournament footage. I think I’m officially done with the backlog of videos currently onlline.

Biggest needed characters are Arg, DeGrey, and Setsuki.

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At this point I am more or less calling this complete. Majority of matches have at least two videos and only Rook mirror is missing a link.

I’ll may continue to update if I see a really great match this but it will be much lower priority.

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